Budget negotiations involved in promotion of the film industry

MPPAJ engages in the negotiation of film budgets in relation to such projects as the "Japan Films and Visual Images Promotion Plan" of the Agency for Cultural Affairs.

Organization of the Kido Prize Scenario Contest

In order to train and educate new screen writers, MPPAJ holds a "Kido Prize Scenario Contest" every year, under the auspices of the Kido Prize Steering Committee.

Relaxation of restrictions on film shooting sites

MPPAJ actively appeals to governmental organizations for the relaxation of restrictions on shooting sites.

Protection of film copyrights

MPPAJ seeks to secure the rights of film producers. It also participates in study groups sponsored by organizations such as the Copyright Research and Information Center in order to study how copyrights can best cope with the Internet era.

Observation of general conditions in Japan's film industry as a whole - statistics of the Japanese film industry

MPPAJ draws up statistics for the entire Japanese film industry, including number of admissions, gross box office receipts, number of screens, etc.

Participation in the Asia Pacific Film Festival

MPPAJ is a member of the Asia Pacific Film Festival, which marked its 58th anniversary in 2018. MPPAJ participates in the Festival; it presents Japanese movies, and has won a number of prizes. The Festival was last held in Macau on January , 2020.

Participation in the "Entertainment Content Industry Division" of the Nippon Keidanren

As a member of the latter, MPPAJ is engaged in the promotion of the entertainment content industry.


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